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Tips For a Happy Dog!

Posted July 29th, 2009 by Administrator

Tips For a Happy Dog!
By Jerry Jansen

Is your dog out of control? Does your dog mind you? Do you think your dog is unhappy?

By following these three tips below you can almost guarantee that your dog will be a lot happier. Your dog will be more willing to cooperate with you when you want your dog to do something.

Tip 1: Walk your dog.

Walking your dog is very important. How often do you walk your dog? Or do you ever walk your dog for that matter? As much as you probably hear it, your dog needs to be walked daily. Remember that it is in a dog’s nature to want to roam and check out the entire world. That’s just his natural curiosity. A dog locked up in an apartment or home all day needs to run, regardless of the size.

Tip 2: Make your dog work for a treat, don’t just give your dog one.

Dogs were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago to perform some particular kind of chore or task. People bred dogs for the sole purpose of serving some kind of function once humans began to settle. Dogs are used to doing some kind of work before receiving a reward.

Your dog naturally wants to please you. This makes it extremely easy to get your dog disciplined and make him happy at the same time. A few simple commands like sit, stay and come are easy ones to begin with. You should also teach your dog what no means. Also when you are the one rewarding your dog, you are seen as the pack leader – the alpha male/female in the group. Think in terms of a dog and how a dog would see it.

Tip 3: Know what your dog wants.

You can do this by observation but it does take some time. Observe your dog’s naturally behaviors and see what his quirks are. Over time you will get a “sixth sense” as to what your dog is looking for and what your dog is missing in his life. This isn’t some voodoo black magic cult thing, rest assured.

Dogs communicate with us very well through their body language. They pick up on when people interact with each other. By quieting down the rational and logical part of the mind for a few minutes a day, it is possible to sense what your dog is trying to communicate to you. This does not mean nor even implies you should try to seek out some expensive dog psychologist or a dog whisper.

By following these three suggestions, you can boost your dog’s happiness quickly and in the end you will be a happier dog owner as well.

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