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What is Healthy Dog Food?

Posted July 29th, 2009 by Administrator

What is Healthy Dog Food?
By Sandra Domerese

I decided years ago that our family should eat good, and I took the time to learn what foods were good for us, and what foods were not. So what does that have to do with dogs? Well, they need good nutrition also.

Now don’t laugh, but we had a Collie, and our “original” name for her was “Lassie”! We sure loved her. But, she did not live a very long life. She was only 10 years old when she just died, and we didn’t even know why. She had seemed healthy. I never stopped to think that I might not be giving her the best food I could to keep her healthy. I fed her good well-balanced, nutritious store bought dog food, and never thought twice about it.

Well now I raise dogs, and they need to be healthy. We had a few problems, such as shedding more than I thought they should, and having loose stools. I started wondering if my dog food had anything to do with my problems. First I switched brands, to a “better quality” food. Nothing changed much. We still had dog hair all the time, and sloppy messes in the yard! By the way, they had been wormed and checked by the Vet and everything else we could think of. I then went to the really expensive foods, all lamb and rice, with no corn, wheat or gluten. I still didn’t see enough difference to say that the cost was worth it. My dogs still had problems!

So I started thinking about how I feed my family. Would I give them food that sat in a store or on a shelf in a warehouse for who knows how long? NO! I know the best food is “fresh” food. That’s what I feed us, maybe that is what my dogs need! Brilliant idea! I found a lot of other people on line were thinking the same way. But cooking food for my dogs?! I really wasn’t sure I could do it. Where would I get the time, and wouldn’t it be too expensive? Well, I had to try. I love my dogs, and really wanted them healthy. I found some basics to make sure my dogs are getting the proper nutrition. Hope you can use this information too.

Dogs need about 1/3 of their food to be protein, from meat, eggs, or dairy. The other 2/3 should be grains or (and) vegetables. That’s the basics, from there you can be creative! You can use beef, chicken, tuna, turkey etc. for the protein. If your dog can handle wheat, you can use that for the grain. I use brown rice, it’s easier for digestion. Then I like to add some vegetables, but I have to chop them fine or put them in the food processor or blender. Dogs don’t digest vegetables well, and really most (but some will) won’t eat just plain vegetables. Just like my kids! Use green beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

You really can just throw your own mixture together, and GREAT, you have doggie dinner or family dinner! Be creative, just remember the 1/3 protein, and 2/3 grain and vegetable. You might add a little healthy oils, or extra calcium depending on your dog, but it’s really not hard.

There are lots of recipes on line just look for homemade dog food and you’ll have a few. I know my dogs are doing great now. They only shed in spring and fall. I didn’t realize that their hair wasn’t slick and shiny until one day I was petting Babe and noticed how shiney her coat was! I was thrilled! Now it is soft and shiny! I can’t believe the difference. They are healthy and I am happy, so are they, and they love their food! If I am in a hurry, I throw a can of tuna, a couple of eggs, and some bread and cheese together. They love it!

One important thing–dogs don’t handle onions, raw garlic, chocolate! Also, make sure you let it cool, dogs will scarff it down and burn their throat!

There’s a lot more information out there, this is just a small piece of it. But if you love your dog, you need to feed him well.

About the Author: Sandi Domerese has owned dogs all her life. She is a dedicated dog lover! Her and her husband Don live in the country and raise dogs for a living (at least part of a living). They breed Maltese and Chihuahuas. For more information about cooking your own dog food check out this page:

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