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Assessing Your Automobile For The Insurance Company

Posted February 28th, 2010 by Administrator

Upon registering for an auto insurance policy, you will be asked a plethora of questions. They will firstly want to know when you got your driver’s license, how many collisions you have had and who else will be driving your motor vehicle. Regardless of what you tell the company, most of their data comes from their computer system, where all your driving history and license information has been loaded into a general database for these sorts of purposes. The insurance company will also be able to determine whether or not you have a criminal record and a good credit report.

In addition to all the information they can find on you as a driver, they will also have pre-specified information on the type of car you are insuring. The insurance company will ask you what make and model of car you are driving, and if your car has a good security system such as an alarm or immobilizer. No matter what you have told your car insurance company about your motor vehicle, they already have prerequisites about it on their system. For example, they will know whether or not the car you are driving is a popular target for theft, or whether it is notorious for being in collisions. The safety standards of your car will also be on their system too.

The insurance evaluation of your motor vehicle is imperative! Your cover will not be complete until you have had your car assessed. When you take your car to be assessed by your insurance company, they can verify that you are actually driving the make and model which you said you were. Furthermore, they will be able to tell whether there are any dents and scratches on your car already, so that you do not claim from them for damages that were not caused by a future collision or theft attempt. Also, if you have had your car’s CD player insured, they will want to check whether or not you have the right radio for the value you have stipulated. Your existing alarm and security system will also be taken into consideration.

Having your car assessed is not something that you can delay, because it is the finalizing deal and affirming your automobile is totally protected.

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