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Creating a website is something anyone can do today with the advent of many application or website generators available today. But, creating a appreciable and good looking website needs a lot of thought process and skills. The following would help:

Think of a theme or idea for the website.

What does your site speak about or what do you want the site to speak about? Put yourself in the shoes of the visitor and think why you should visit this particular site and not one of the numerous others? Always try to offer something extra that a visitor needs or wants. After you close your thought process on this, proceed to point no. 2.

Finding a web-host.

You can host your site for free; there are many sites which offer this in lieu of placing an advertisement on your site. If you are running a business, it is advisable that you get your own web host. It is not very expensive to do so.

View your handiwork.

While viewing your webpage do not forget the important factors:

1. Loading speed – Is it fast? 2. Is it easily navigable? 3. Is the content error free? 4. Is there anything that visitors would need or find useful?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. These factors are extremely important and most people seem to ignore them resulting in a poor preventability. The idiom “First impression is the last impression” holds good while you try to publicize your site.

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