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The Questions A New Car Insurance Company Will Ask You

Posted May 31st, 2010 by Administrator

During your signup process at a new motor insurance provider, you will be asked a number of questions. As tedious as the questions may sometimes feel, all of them are very important determining factors in drawing up your policy.

To begin with, your insurance company will ask you your age and gender. This will be significant for them in creating your risk profile. The younger you are the higher risk you are as a driver. If you are a male, you are seen as a higher risk than a female. Unfortunately these are not factors that you can change. If you are a young male driver, then it is important that you look around for car insurance quotes before you decide to sign up for your new policy. That way you can assess and compare the insurance quotes before making a final decision.

The next question you will be asked is your address. The insurance company needs to know where you reside so they can see whether it is a high risk area or not. If you live in a more dangerous area then it is necessary that you keep your vehicle in a locked garage or secured boom area overnight. This will assist in lowering your premium, just as an enhanced security system on your vehicle will.

Your new car insurance company will ask you what make, model, and year of manufacture your new vehicle is. These are usually the most important questions. The older your car is, and the lower cost the model, the reduced your premium will be. This is because older vehicles are sometimes less of an attraction to thieves, and will also be cheaper to replace or repair. Foreign models of motor vehicles that are not made locally will cost a lot more to insure as the parts will be a lot harder to source should your vehicle need to be repaired.

You should also consider your affordability before you decide to actually purchase your motor vehicle. Even if you can just scrape by on the payments for that lovely luxury car of your dreams, you may not be able to afford the insurance! Remember that the insurance on a luxury car is much more expensive than a regular motor vehicle.

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