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A wedding is a special celebration for family and friends, as well as for the bride and groom. The bride has much to organize with wedding outfits, flowers, the limousines and reception venues, and she will usually ask for some help from her family and friends to get everything just right. Relatives and friends are always happy to help.

There are various duties, both before and during the wedding, that the members of the bridal party need to attend to,. The bride and groom need their assistance to make sure everything is attended to and completed in time. They will also need to help the bride and groom to get ready on the day and to help over-see the proceedings.

The tradition of giving small gifts or wedding favors to wedding guests and attendants dates back to early European times, when aristocrats and the wealthy would give each other sweets to celebrate marriages. They were known as bomboniere, the literal meaning of which is small box of sweets. Boxes made of gold, crystal and precious stones were the early bomboniere. Sugar was still rare and expensive in those days, so only the wealthy and the aristocrats could afford these gifts.

During the 13th century, the tradition of giving sugar-coated almonds developed as sugar became more affordable. The symbolism of the number of almonds is one each for longevity, wealth, fertility, happiness and health. The sweet coating over the more bitter almond was symbolic of the bitter-sweet nature of a marriage.

As time went by, guests started giving more varied and practical gifts to the happy couple and the gift of five almonds was made to the guests by the couple. In past times brides-to-be journeyed long distances only to obtain wedding invitations. While the tradition of the bomboniere is still around, the gifts may be called guest gifts or wedding favors. The tradition of the five almonds bomboniere is still laive today in many countries; they are presented in small boxes or net bags which are decorated with lace and ribbons.

The gifts given to guests these days tend to be more elaborate than the traditional five almonds. Today, the more popular items may be a small photo frame with a photo of the couple, pens, champagne glasses pr scented candles. An early new bride has to be excellent person to ask for advice about bachelorette party invitations or bridal shower games. These can be personalized with the names of the couple and the date of their wedding. These gifts are given as a reminder of the special day as well as a thank you gift for the person’s attendance and gifts.

There are lots of ideas that can be used for these gifts of appreciation and they don’t have to be very expensive. When you search the internet, there will be pages of results for sites that specialize in wedding favors and bomboniere. You will possibly get some great ideas from these website, even if you don’t end up buying from them.

You might also like to make your own wedding favors, as some brides do. You can get little colored boxes at many stationary supply stores. You can decorate the outside of the box with a symbol of your wedding and put some chocolates inside. You finish the gift by tying with colored ribbons that match your theme, attach a gift card with the guest name and you have a beautiful wedding favor that is certain to be appreciated. If you love to cook, you might decide to hand-make the chocolates yourself.



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