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Many real estate buyers mistakenly believe that they will do better at negotiating an offer on their own without an agent. The facts show that a large majority of the time, this just is not true. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Most buyers who have tried going it alone regret it. In fact, studies illustrate that signing on with a buyer’s agent can pay handsome “dividends” when it comes to your Palatine real estate home purchase.

It’s nice, of course, that you are not required to pay the agent’s commissions up front — his commission comes from the seller’s proceeds and was definitely calculated into the asking price of the house. But the most important benefit is that your agent may be able to save you significant money on the bottom line when the transaction is finalized.

Hiring an experienced real estate professional on your side when you’re considering a contract where a lot of money changes hands is simply good idea on its own merit. But add to that the potential boost to your bank account as a result of the expert skills a real estate agent can exercise on your behalf and it should be a no-brainer. There are just too many ways to loose money on a deal not to have someone who negotiates sales for Palatine homes on a daily basis to keep the trains (and the signature pages) running on time.

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