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There are many steps to getting a new product to market. Someone must come up with a detailed design and a prototype for testing purposes. Product design and development covers everything from the time a concept is formed to the point where a product is ready to be mass produced for market.

“Start by talking to WelTec Connects Centre for Smart Product! We can help you take an idea from a concept to a commercial product, and through all the stages of prototyping and testing in between,” says Paul Mather, the Centre’s Director of Technology Development.

Experts are capable of assisting clients through every phase of production. Clients benefit from their expertise and end up with a product that is ready for market.

Staff members come from diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on manufacturing. Clients benefit from their experience, knowledge, skills and professional contacts all over New Zealand.

Clients who need help with evaluating a concept, advice on sustainable product design, product development, market research and manufacturing can rely on the Centre’s talented project managers. Clients can also receive advice about funding available for research and development programmes.

Senior students offer fresh ideas and innovative solutions. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff members, these young minds are eager to use their training to make a difference.

Mather and his associates strive to help students build strong relationships with clients. Clients get the benefit of fresh ideas based on the latest developments in technology while students get practical experience and the opportunity to network with potential employers.

Our facilities and services:

The processes to turn concepts or 2D drawings into 3D files using AutoCAD or Solidworks, or by reverse engineering, use 3D scanning of 3D physical objects to produce 3D virtual files – which can be used for virtual testing or producing prototypes.

Processes that facilitate rapid product development including use of a variety of rapid prototyping services including FDM, CNC machining and vacuum casting to build a prototype of your product.

Testing of prototype products, prototype circuit boards, and 3D virtual products – which can help to avoid or eliminate costly concept and design faults at an early stage in the project.

Small pilot or pre-production runs of products.

Clients have access to the talented people working on the staff and students attending WelTec Connect’s Schools of Creative Technologies, IT and Engineering. Benefits include access to some of the brightest minds in the business and updated facilities featuring the latest equipment available. The Centre’s focus on engineering design is just one of its strengths. Other services offered include producing brochures, software, product packaging elements and hardware e. G. Training manuals.

The Centre’s services are equally beneficial to individuals and large corporations. Actual clients include the water jetting technology giant Aquamax Devo and electric motorcycle inventor and entrepreneur Iain Jerrett.

“We can work on one-off projects but we also have built long term relationships with individuals and companies,” says Paul Mather. “There are many mutual benefits when we work with people over a long period of time, and we’re happy to talk to businesses about carrying out their R & D on an ongoing basis through the Centre for Smart Product.”

The Centre for Smart Product can help any business implement an R&D programme or improve on the one currently in place. Contact Paul Mather about eligibility for the Technology Transfer Voucher system offered by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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