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Roses And It’s Individual Description

Posted September 30th, 2011 by Administrator

Better Now

When the term hybrid tea was coined, it was used for roses that set a new standard for reliable repeat bloom. But progress in continuous bloom has far surpassed many of the original hybrid teas. Indeed, our progress is such that most recent introductions are properly called continous bloomers.

This point is stressed because it is a fact that the public often calls continuous blooming roses, monthly roses (hybrid tea) but my roses are so fortified by Rosa gallica that, in this climate it is a shame to call them monthly (hybrid tea). If you can find a well grown rose hybrid minus bud or bloom during the blooming season I will eat my words.

Progress Past and Future

Hybridizers will be the first to welcome simplification of names. For we realize how (genetically) wrong they are. The die-hards will be the exhibitors who, most often are not so interested in horticulture.

They will say, “Look at the classifications of 100 years ago and be thankful for the improvement we have.” That is just like telling a man who is sitting on four sand burs not to move or complain because once there was a man forced to sit on ten sand burs! My great-grandfather rode a horse until he was offered a Model T Ford.

We might say, “Look how his problems were simplified and be thankful.” Keep his Model T and be thankful you do not have to curry a horse or walk.

It is been that long since we did much of anything with our “names” but progress sweeps on and solutions to names erased most of the confusions. We no longer need the word hybrid tea as a synonym for everblooming (its only current value) and, for present day roses, hybrid perpetual is not fitting.

Grandiflora only adds to confusion. Floribundas are being bred with large flowered roses, where do we draw the line? I offer a simple solution do not, just erase it. Why not call all everblooming bush garden roses simply: (large flowered) (small flowered) roses?

Every rose is an individual and always has called for an individual description. Let us hope they always will.

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