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Choosing Driving Schools in Wakefield

Posted July 8th, 2012 by Administrator

Learning to drive and pass your driving test can be one of the most exciting times of our lives leading to new levels of freedom, independence and job opportunities it can also be very expensive and take a long time, which is why choosing the right driving instructor for your driving lessons in wakefield is so important, try Ex-l.com.

Learning to drive is an exciting, frightening and often confusing endeavour, learning to drive a car safely and efficiently in modern traffic involves much more than passing a government road test to get a license. For some, learning to drive might be the most nerve wracking thing they have ever done and for others, the best thing.

Before you can start learning to drive, you must hold a valid signed provisional driving licence to drive on a public road. The Minimum age for learning to drive in the UK is 17 and you can apply for your provisional licence two weeks before your birthday.

Why choose a driving instructor? It is best to take lessons with a qualified driving instructor who will follow the recommended syllabus for learning to drive. Approved instructors have to pass tough theory and driving tests, as well as having their tuition standards checked regularly. A good driving instructor should be punctual, reliable, have a good reputation and have a car that is suitable for you.

The advantages of being taught by professional driving instructors Wakefield and driving schools wakefield are that they are trained to do the job, possess the skills to deal with nervous and hesitant drivers and are equipped with dual controlled cars.

Practice makes permanent, so when your driving instructor thinks you are ready, why not get more practice with family or a friend. You can practice your driving with a friend or relative if they are over 21 years old and have held a full licence for at least 3 years.

How do you choose the right driving instructor? Look at driving school websites. Do not expect a good driving instructor for the price a cheap instructor charges. Choosing the right driving instructor is essential. Some of the problems with poor instructors are they sometimes try to build the upper floors of the house before finishing the foundations!

Look for an instructor who offers excellent instruction and has a good reputation. They will probably charge a little more per driving lesson but if you do this it will cost less in the end.

You can start your driving lessons whilst studying for the theory test, but you must first pass a theory test before you can apply for your practical test. Whilst learning to drive a wide range of resources can be found from your local library, including books and videos. It is also well worth getting your eyesight tested before learning to drive.

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