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Sell My Structured Settlement Payments – Who Can help?

Posted July 9th, 2012 by Administrator

You are receiving structured settlement payment and need help selling them? Well, that shouldn’t be hard if you get the information you truly need and nothing more. There are many companies out there ready and willing to buy those payments from your. These companies are known as “structured settlement buyers” or “structured settlement companies”.

What they do is offer you a quote for your future payments in order to cover that amount you are looking to receive from them. So if you are really interested in selling your structured settlement payments here is what you should consider.

First things First Figure Out How Much You Need

Before we get to who can help you sell your future payments we need to first understand that you must have an understanding of how much money you need in the first place. What this does is make sure that you don’t sell too much of your settlement payments and end up getting money you didn’t need to get in the first place.

Remember the purpose of the structured settlement is to provide you with a stream of income for a long extended period of time. Selling most or all of your payments could actually effect you in a negative way if you don’t plan ahead and be careful to not get to excited with what you can do with a lump sum of cash in your bank account.

Finding a Structured Settlement Buyer to Help

Once you have determined the true amount that you need and nothing more you need to start by visiting the world wide web and doing a search for structured settlements or structured settlement companies. You will get a return in Google or Yahoo that list several pages of results. The top companies in the industry are Imperial Structured Settlements, JG Wentworth, PeachTree, and several others.

Though there are many others usually these companies are the preferred choices by many. Look at websites and read through their articles, reviews, and check out their better business bureau reports if they have one.

While on their site you can fill out the forms so submit a request for a quote. Its easy to get a quote online to sell your settlement payments. Don’t be confused as many people think that they can get a loan or cash advance for future settlement payments.

You can Only Sell Your Settlement Payments No Loans

Banks wont give you a loan on your structured settlement or annuity payments and no cash advance or payday loan firm will provide cash in exchange. What you have to do is sell some or all of your payments to a structured settlement buyer and for a fee usually about 20-40% they will get you a fast lump sum of cash.

Don’t think that a company is trying to rip you off simply because you think they are trying to take some of the money. In fact you will find that all structured settlement companies will require a large amount of the funds in order to give you lump sum cash from future payments. This is something you should consider before deciding to sell in the first place. In short if you are looking to sell your structured settlement payments you are going to need the assistance of a structured settlement buying company.


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