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be creative

Posted July 12th, 2012 by Administrator

Did you spend your last weekend consuming movies, DVDs, CDs, books, etc, too? Have you thought how rewarding getting creative yourself can be?

I want to show you three different ways to get creative! I will cover three different fields, so everyone can pick something that suits him or her. The three different fields are reading, knitting and making a photo calendar.

My first idea for getting creative is making a special bookmark: a funny bookworm bookmark. I found this on a german website on bookmarks called lesezeichenladen.de. You can find the instructions in the section Bücherwurm basteln. Have Fun!

The second idea, although I must admit that most probably this will appeal more to women, is to knit a nice looking cap for the colder season. A fine set of instructions can be found on wunderfaser.de, the section is called Mütze stricken. I personally own one of those (to be honest, it was a present, but it was made using these instructions…)

The third idea for you creative minds out there is to make a photo calender with your own pictures. It is done using all free software. The instructions and the software can be found on www.naturfotokalender.de (section: Kalender mit Fotos selbst erstellen.)

Hope you enjoy my tips for a creative time! Go and do something yourself, you will be proud of it!

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